Enterprise Lead Attribution Service

Real estate, jobs, cars, tickets, antiques... and much more!

Leadster provides an automated web scanning service for businesses that scours online marketplaces and classified ad websites continually– delivering the freshest Leads right to your inbox the moment they are posted. Guaranteed!


Leadster is a power tool for businesses, serious buyers, property agencies, job finding services, automobile procurers and active community members. Leadster gives you an unbeatable competitive edge in the lead acquisition business– as it does the work of an entire team of office workers automatically on your behalf. Track down new purchases, resources, competitors, clients, and events. Enjoy a heavy suite of features, tweak-ability and functionality.

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In your hand.

Unlike conventional methods of manually scrolling through pages and pages of leads from website after website, all day long, day in and day out... Leadster lets you sit back and enjoy the finer things in life while it constantly aggregates new Leads and posts them directly to your Inbox the moment they are posted. Leads can be delivered in many different format including email, text message, posts to Twitter, Fqcebook, Tumblr, custom atom or rss feeds, Android/iPhone applications and more! Enjoy special features and custom branding for high volume purchases.

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First to respond.

Businesses are using Leadster every day to gain an unfair advantage at responding first to leads that are posted on the web. Whether you're in the business of buying and restoring classic cars... buying and/or renting property in a competitive city... Seeking out software development or photography gigs ... Leadster ensures you've got first dibs on the merchandise.

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Pay whatever.

You're in control. Subscribe to the level of service you require– Whether you're dealing with a handful of leads a day in your town or thousands a day across the country. Easily manage your searches and pay as little or as much as you'd like. 7-Day Money-back guarantee available. Contact for inquiries!